dr. KAREN R.scott 


Thank you for all your well-wishes regarding my retirement. I will miss each of you and wish you the best of health for years to come!






requesting medical records

To obtain a copy of your medical records please send a letter identifying the information you are requesting, your full name, date of birth and your address.  Please enclose $5.00 in the form of a check, cash or money order to cover the cost of shipping the records. All records will be sent on a CD disc. If this is your first request for records there will be no charge for the actual medical record but only the shipping fee. However, if you have received records previously, you will be notified of the cost of the records (price is $1.00 per page) and the shipping fee. Records will be sent once payment if received.

Please send request to: Dr Karen Scott

                                       3025 Versailles Road

                                       Frankfort, KY  40601