Cleaning Brushes

Cleaning Brushes
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14 in. H x 10 in. W Boot and Shoe Cleaner Scrubber Brush Scraper Mat HO43253687
Don't let the mud and dirt enter your house. The Boot and Shoe Cleaner Scrubber Brush Scraper Mat do..
$70.94 $29.26
Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Tub and Shower Scrubber HO84547846
Scotch Brite Shower Scrubber removes hard water spots and soap scum without chemicals. The long hand..
$69.34 $19.52
12 in. Nylon Bowl Brush 100-Pack HO37747214
The 12 inch Bowl Mop is the economical choice for bowl cleaning. The Bowl Mop is constructed with a..
$103.90 $74.20
5 in. Plastic Cookware and Bakeware Brush HO22335414
Easily clean baked-on food and tough messes without risk of scratching your bakeware and cookware. T..
$33.80 $19.72
11 in. White Household Dish Brush Case of 6 HO43723118
The lightweight household version for the Sparta dish brush is perfect for restaurant, church school..
$85.88 $32.90
15.125 in. Boot and Shoe Heavy-Duty Deck Scrub Brush HO88174618
The Stalwart Boot and Shoe Cleaner Brush Mat prevents unwanted mess from entering your home. It easi..
$80.31 $24.14
11.38 in. Stainless Steel Scratch Brush Case of 12 HO36214281
The 11.5 in. scratch brush with Stainless Steel bristles is perfect for your toughest cleaning chore..
$119.65 $85.07
6 ft. 3 in. D White Polyester Pipe Brush HO41246688
The Sparta heavy duty pipe brush for long runs of piping or tubing to be cleaned is the 3 in. diamet..
$54.43 $19.02
13 in. Flagged Polypropylene Counter Bench Scrub Brush Case of 12 HO35321182
Got dust, The 8 in. flagged polypropylene bristle in this counter brush is the fine sweeping counter..
$88.93 $58.05
10 in. Styrene Orange Window Brush 12-Pack HO46422181
Flo-Thru Window Brush with Polystyrene bristles. 10 in. in length. Orange in color. Crimped soft bri..
$173.60 $120.62
Sparta 5 in. Dia Yellow Polyester Multi-Purpose Valve and Fitting Brush with 24 in. Handle 6-Pack HO62251556
This multi-purpose brush can be used for cleaning a variety of commercial kitchen equipment, such as..
$161.82 $119.17
28 in. Polyester Coil Brush 12-Pack HO41218286
The Sparta Polyester Coil Brush can be used for a variety of applications in your business, school, ..
$90.74 $61.61